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A Simple Machine
by HeijltjesAkkaya

A Simple Machine by Heijltjes Akkaya
Photo by Heijltjes Akkaya

HeijltjesAkkaya has created a series of human-powered sit/stand furniture that invites and inspires activity.

A Simple Machine addresses the challenge of combining workdays spent sitting behind a desk with the much-recognised need for movement to offset a sedentary lifestyle.

The design from HeijltjesAkkaya (formerly Waarmakers) is a low-tech answer that brings together ergonomics and engineering to promote activity.

Inside-out constructions made from folded steel and industrial parts, including the Counterweight Table, Gas Spring Table, Hour Stool and Kettle Bell, incorporate pulleys, weights and levers powered by human energy to enable a new working rhythm.

The result brings autonomy for a more balanced and healthier workday, at home or at the office.

This project has been shortlisted in the workplace design category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Designer: HeijltjesAkkaya

Project: A Simple Machine

Read more: HeijltjesAkkaya (formerly Waarmakers)

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