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ARTIS-Groote Museum
by Kossmanndejong

Photo by © ARTIS, Maarten van der Wal

Kossmanndejong has designed the exhibition of the ARTIS-Groote Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

This project was designed as the permanent exhibition of the ARTIS-Groote Museum, a new museum about big questions, in Amsterdam's oldest museum building.

"To enter the exhibition is to embark on a personal expedition," noted designer Kossmanndejong. "As you and your body move through the museum, you continuously compare yourself to plants, animals and microbes. Through assignments, films, sounds, smells and art, you experience that you are inextricably connected to the world around you."

The exhibition poses questions such as "What makes you who you are? What do you have in common with a salamander?"

In essence, this museum is for anyone who is open to question themselves and their environment.

This project has been shortlisted in the exhibition design category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Designer: Kossmanndejong

Project: ARTIS-Groote Museum

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