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Balance Dumbbell
by Frank Chou Design Studio

Balance Dumbbell by Frank Chou Design Studio
Photo by by Frank Chou Design Studio

Frank Chou Design Studio has created the Balance Dumbbell.

"Our starting point for Balance is to precisely target those who are not doing exercise, and imperceptibly, lead them into daily work-out," said Frank Chou. "It is not just a product design, but a design for behaviour guidance."

Balance Dumbbell is precisely targeted at those who have a vague awareness of fitness but are not working out systematically or regularly, aiming to gradually start exercising and thus carry out behavioural habit guidance.

"From this, Balance is not subject to a stereotypical dumbbell, but a decoration piece or sculpture, so that it is able [to] be naturally integrated into various daily life scenes, such as on nightstand, in the study [or] on the tabletop," added Frank Chou.

Balance Dumbbell has two versions – separately made from brass and metal in the factory cooperated with Frank Chou Design Studio in China.

This project has been longlisted in the product design (health and wellbeing) category of Dezeen Awards 2023.

Studio: Frank Chou Design Studio
Project: Balance Dumbbell

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