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Columba Tree House
by Madeiguincho

Columba Tree House by Madeiguincho
Photo by João Carranca Photography

Madeiguincho has designed Columba Tree House in South Alentejo, Portugal.

The Columba Tree House was built using natural, renewable materials and both ancestral and contemporary techniques by the architectural firm, Madeiguincho.

"This project aimed not only to respect the character of these amazing beings by positioning our new building in between them but also [to] praise them with different visual situations," said Madeiguincho.

The Columba Tree House is a new way to connect with nature and allows us to remember where it all began – a place that offers a restful escape for a family, but also a playground and a lot of space to play and rest.

"As a passer [by] who watches the protagonists of a scene but still participates in the plot, the Columba Tree House arises from the ground to complement this natural experience," added Madeiguincho.

This project has been longlisted in the small project category of Dezeen Awards 2023.

Studio: Madeiguincho
Project: Columba Tree House

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