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LEMMO One E + Bike
by Springtime Design

LEMMO One E + Bike by Springtime Design
Photo by LEMMO

Springtime Design has designed a versatile E-bike which can also be used as a mechanical bicycle.

Intended to meet the changing needs of users, the LEMMO One E + Bike is both an e-bike for daily commuting and a conventional power-assist hybrid bike for recreational use.

Featuring a sleek aluminium frame, the bike is available in two versions and sizes, with a no-welding technology derived from the automotive and aeronautical industries.

The design also aims to address environmental concerns, offering a longer lifespan compared to existing e-bike models.

According to Springtime Design, a traditional bicycle can last for approximately 15 years. In the E-drive system and IoT, developments are still ongoing. The LEMMO One E + Bike can be ridden for a decade or more, while only the tech gets upgraded regularly.

This project has been longlisted in the product design (consumer design and wearables) category of Dezeen Awards 2023.

Studio: Springtime Design
Project: LEMMO One E + Bike
Credits: Hypaths development team with Springtime Design

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