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by Pascal Hien

Migo by Pascal Hien
Photo by Petr Krejci

Pascal Hien has created Migo, a red oak chair made at the workshop of Benchmark Furniture.

"Conceived during the pandemic, a time of change, uncertainty and rapid adaptation, Migo is designed to be used in multiple, non-prescriptive ways, as a chair or a stool, with no definitive front or back, or right or wrong approach to using it," said designer Pascal Hien.

Made in the workshop of Benchmark out of red oak to provide strength, Migo can be cut from a single plank of wood for minimised wastage.

Migo was designed for the occasion of Discovered, an exhibition by Wallpaper and American Hardwood Export Council offering a series of personal perspectives on the experience during the lockdown.

This project has been longlisted in the furniture design category of Dezeen Awards 2023.

Studio: Pascal Hien
Project: Migo
Credits: Benchmark Furniture

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