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Otrivin AirLab
by EcoLogicStudio

Otrivin AirLab by EcoLogicStudio
Photo by Naaro

EcoLogicStudio has designed the Otrivin AirLab.

Otrivin Airlab is an urban laboratory for converting air pollution into products that help protect our breathing.

This living showroom and bio-design workshop was open to the public at the Building Centre in London over a period of six months and engaged its visitors in the development of biodegradable polymers made with the by-product of the algae-powered air purification process.

"AirLab pioneers the co-creation of nature-based circular economies in the public realm," said EcoLogicStudio.

With its bubbling algae cultures and well-crafted 3D-printed products, AirLab inspires a new era of eco-friendly manufacturing processes that use waste and pollution as resources.

This project has been longlisted in the installation design category of Dezeen Awards 2023.

Studio: EcoLogicStudio
Project: Otrivin AirLab
Credits: Claudia Pasquero, Marco Poletto, Terezia Greskova, Konstantina Bikou, Qing Tang, Anshika Tajpuriya, Haoyi Chen, Emiliano Rando, Alessandra Poletto, Synthetic Landscape Lab at  IOUD UIBK Innsbruck University, Department of Plastics and Rubber FChPT STU Bratislava, Urban Morphogenesis Lab, The Bartlett UCL London MArch Urban Design BPRO and Fillamentum NonOilen

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