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by MycoMatters Lab

Phoenix by MycoMatters Lab
Photo by Jonathan Dessi-Olive, MycoMatters Lab

MycoMatters Lab has designed Phoenix, a sound-absorbing sculpture made from mycelium-composite material.

Phoenix is an architecture scale sound-absorbing sculpture made entirely from mycelium-composite material cultivated on-site at the Charlotte Art League. The sculpture is comprised of 16 meandering sheets, each with their unique length and shape.

As they twist, wind, and unwind through the space, the lightweight sheets form two oculi at the heart of the sculpture in opposing directions. The interplay of layers in Phoenix creates a playful dance of light and shadow, while the use of fungi-based materials permeates the space with a soft and ethereal ambiance, elevating and softening the acoustics.

This project has been longlisted in the material innovation category of Dezeen Awards 2023.

Studio: MycoMatters Lab
Project: Phoenix
Credits: Omid Oliyan (OPLUS), Rebecca Buntrock (Silman), Nat Oppenheimer (Silman), Namita Modi (Modi Architecture and Design),Dennis Wedlick (BarlisWedlick) and Jonathan Dessi-Olive (MycoMatters Lab / UNC Charlotte)

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