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by Sahabat Selojene

PituRooms by Sahabat Selojene
Photo by Ernest Theofilus

Sahabat Selojene has designed the PituRooms at the Hotel di Salatiga in Salatiga, Indonesia.

Standing on a narrow 2.8-metre by 12-metre terrain that used to be a neighbourhood dumping ground, a slender hotel was constructed in an effort to introduce contemporary hospitality in Salatiga, Indonesia.

With 200.000 people living in a cool climate due to its elevated position of 600 metres from sea level, this town in Central Java offers vast views of the surrounding mountains and lakes.

With just seven differently themed rooms, the hotel is a new beacon – with its rooftop lounge becoming a hotspot to enjoy natural attractions amidst predominantly low-rise buildings.

"It's been dubbed the skinniest hotel ever," said Sahabat Selojene.

This project has been longlisted in the hospitality project category of Dezeen Awards 2023.

Studio: Sahabat Selojene
Project: PituRooms

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