2023 results

by Prof. Li Kai-Chu

Pro-Turtle by Prof. Li Kai-Chu
Photo by Kai-Chieh Hsueh

Professor Li Kai-Chu has designed Pro-Turtle, a decomposable protective cover for turtle eggs.

Pro-Turtle is a protective cover which provides a suitable incubation temperature for turtle eggs, alleviating the problem of a large number of turtle hatching failures and gender imbalance caused by climate change.

Pro-Turtle is made of local bagasse, agar powder and red algae that has the features of anti-noise, heat insulation and the reduction of direct sunlight.

The cover lets the eggs hatch at the pivotal temperature, thus avoiding extinction caused by single-sex.

Pro-Turtle reduces marine pollution and prevents tourists from encroaching on turtle spawning sites by means of warning signs.

This project has been longlisted in the material innovation category of Dezeen Awards 2023.

Studio: Prof. Li Kai-Chu
Project: Pro-Turtle
Credits: Kai-Chieh Hsueh, Yu-Ting Chen, Hsun-Yu Chang and Zhong-Wei Lin

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