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SANU 2nd Home – Yatsugatake 2nd
by ADX

SANU 2nd Home – Yatsugatake 2nd by ADX
Photo by SANU

ADX has developed the SANU 2nd Home – Yatsugatake 2nd in Hokuto, Japan.

This cabin is one of the sites for the subscription service, SANU 2nd Home, with the concept of "live with nature".

The project has reformed old tourism development and construction methods, taking the natural environment into consideration, by using domestic lumbers, reusable building materials and stilt construction that reduces the burden on the soil.

Part of the profits of the SANU 2nd Home service is used for reforestation that can replace 100% of the wood utilised in the construction of the cabins.

"Furthermore, an environmental architecture expert in Denmark estimated that the initial 50 cabins created 4,600 tons of CO2 absorption," said ADX.

This project has been longlisted in the hospitality project category of Dezeen Awards 2023.

Studio: ADX
Project: SANU 2nd Home – Yatsugatake 2nd
Credits: Kotaro Anzai

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