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by Kei Kaihoh Architects

Takaone by Kei Kaihoh Architects
Photo by Soichiro Suizu

Kei Kaihoh Architects has renovated the Takaone Hotel in Tokyo, Japan.

This project is the renovation of a hotel located right in front of Takaoyamaguchi Station in Tokyo.

"We designed a facility that would serve as a base for activities to better maintain the network created by the management staff, local residents, climbers, firewood, seeds, fallen leaves, pieces of concrete, prevailing winds, and all other characters surrounding Mt. Takao as events without subject-object relationships," said Kei Kaihoh Architects. "[Instead] viewing them as an ecosystem that includes humans."

The project team was involved in urban development along the mountain and aimed to create a new base for the community – rather than just a hotel.

Takaone is a base for rediscovering ways to spend time in the mountains, rivers and towns of Mt. Takao.

This project has been longlisted in the sustainable renovation category of Dezeen Awards 2023.

Studio: Kei Kaihoh Architects
Project: Takaone
Credits: R Project, Our Company, Tetsuya Tanaka Structural Engineers, Kankyo Engineering, Phenomenon Lighting Design Office, Inada Landscape Design Office, Haruka Shoji Textile Atelier, Uniel Ltd, Koumoriya, Soichiro Suizu, Shinkenchiku-sha, Yuki Tsunesumi and Tetu Kimura

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