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The Eggshell Project
by Manufactura

The Eggshell Project by Manufactura
Photo by Arturo Arrieta

Manufactura has developed the Eggshell Project, a sustainable solution to reducing food waste.

"In this project, we create a bioceramic made from eggshell and combine it with sustainable aggregates, resulting [in] a new materiality, which seeks to reduce food waste and generate new opportunities," said Manufactura.

The Eggshell Project is a research project that seeks to take advantage of and transform waste to turn it into a buildable material and open up a new sustainable built environment.

"Our process is based on 3D printing with a KUKA KR-150 robotic arm and additive fabrication process, which allows efficient use of material, geometrical freedom, precision and repeatability, projecting them into different architectural applications," added Manufactura.

This project has been longlisted in the material innovation category of Dezeen Awards 2023.

Studio: Manufactura
Project: The Eggshell Project
Credits: Dinorah Schulte, Edurne Morales, Eduardo Barba, Montserrat Ayala, Maria Pia Assaf, Santiago Rangel, Aleida Rahel Merkel and Natalia Juan

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