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by Disrupt.Design Lab

WoodenWood by Disrupt.Design Lab
Photo by Disrupt.Design Lab

Disrupt.Design Lab has designed WoodenWood, a digitally printed wood structure using sawdust.
With billions of tons of unused wood waste, WoodenWood explores the potential for design to take responsibility for the development of circular solutions for wood products and processes.

Traditional modular woodworking expression is integrated with robotic printing of an all-natural wood paste for the prototyping of seating elements.

The printing toolpath creates a new wood textile resembling a rattan texture while using an inferior material, sawdust.

The raw wood structure serves as the mould for the printing process avoiding additional waste through by-products.

Together, traditional and digital design present a circular expression for wood waste towards a new end of life.

This project has been longlisted in the material innovation category of Dezeen Awards 2023.

Studio: Disrupt.Design Lab
Project: WoodenWood
Credits: The Technion Israel Institute of Technology, SAY.Research, Avraham Cohen, Yuval Berger, Alon Nisan, Yoav Dabas, Shany Barath, Daika Wood and Haim Zinger

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