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Yongchun Vinegar Sightseeing Factory
by LEL Design Studio

Yongchun Vinegar Sightseeing Factory by LEL Design Studio
Photo by Qingyan ZHU

LEL Design Studio has designed Yongchun Vinegar Sightseeing Factory in China, merging industry with culture and tourism.

The studio were tasked with helping to establish a young and international vinegar brand, reviving the red vinegar industry in Yongchun. The aim was to maximise production capacity alongside enhancing culture and Yongchun's industrial heritage.

Limited space meant that the architects had to collaborate with fermentation engineers to strategically integrate spaces for production and tourism. Separate yet cohesive circulations were designed, with an open "Ancient Brewing Square" for display and fermentation.

The factory's design preserves the chimneys and façade of the original structure and uses natural granite and steel as its main materials, aiming to form a subtle dialogue between the old and the new.

This project has been longlisted in the cultural project category of Dezeen Awards 2023.

Studio: LEL Design Studio
Project: Yongchun Vinegar Sightseeing Factory
Credits: Fujian Giaosin Brewing, Local Design Institute, LETS Design Group

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