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陈旻 | Min Chen

Min Chen is an industrial designer and founder of Hangzhou-based Chen Min Office.

陈旻还是neoold的策展人,该展览每年在”设计上海”举行,旨在打破设计、艺术和工艺之间的界限。他曾为珠宝品牌施华洛世奇、运动服装公司耐克、时装公司Loewe、咖啡连锁店星巴克、家具品牌Veneta Cucine和De Sede等国际品牌工作。陈旻的作品曾在米兰设计周、苏富比画廊和设计博物馆展出,并被列入蓬皮杜中心的永久收藏。陈旻曾担任2019年Loewe工艺奖和2021年Dezeen奖的评委。

Chen is also the curator of neooold, an exhibition held annually at Design Shanghai that aims to break the boundaries between design, art and craftsmanship.

He has worked for clients including jewellery brand Swarovski, sportswear company Nike, fashion house Loewe, coffeehouse chain Starbucks, furniture brands Veneta Cucine and De Sede among other international brands.

Chen’s works have been exhibited at Milan Design Week, Sotheby's Gallery and the Design Museum and have been included in the permanent collection at the Centre Pompidou.

Min was a judge for the Loewe Craft Awards in 2019 and the Dezeen Awards in 2021.

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