MVRDV's Amsterdam tennis clubhouse. Photograph by Daria Scagliola and Stijn Brakkee




Dutch studio MVRDV would have been placed highly in our Hot List under any circumstances – but its high ranking this year is due to the extraordinary popularity of its recent Chanel store facade in Amsterdam, which is made of glass bricks.

The post generated almost 100,000 views, making it the second-most popular project of the entire year (most popular was a swimming pool in the sky by Arup Associates) while the movie about the project has had over 700,000 views on our Facebook page.

The firm excels at the unexpected architectural gesture: also popular this year was the giant temporary scaffolding staircase it built in Rotterdam to mark the 75th anniversary of its home city's post-war reconstruction.

Interestingly for such an international practice, the most popular posts about MVRDV this year were all projects in the Netherlands, with its tennis clubhouse in Amsterdam, Silodam housing in the same city and horseshoe-shaped Markthal in Rotterdam all getting tons of visits (despite the latter being completed in 2014).

Not all their ambitious ideas come off though. In a video interview with Dezeen published last November, former Serpentine Gallery director Julia Peyton-Jones described the unbuilt pavilion the firm designed in 2004 as a "heroic failure".

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