Photograph by David Vintiner



Sou Fujimoto

Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto is best known for the ethereal and ephemeral Serpentine Gallery Pavilion he built in 2013. This year he created an even more intangible installation for fashion brand COS that was literally smoke and mirrors – and light.

The installation, part of Milan Design Week in April, featured cones of light illuminating a darkened space. All three of the stories we wrote about the magical project feature in the top five posts about Fujimoto, and the collaboration also helped propel COS to second place in our fashion list.

Fujimoto, still only 45, describes his unique approach to architecture as "primitive future". While much architecture attempts to create a comfortable nest tailored to human habitation, Fujimoto prefers the analogy of the cave – a found space to which humans must adapt in order to live in comfort. This therefore triggers more creative approaches to living.

We expect Fujimoto to climb up our Hot List rankings in future years as this approach, which has so far produced a wide range of experimental smaller projects, lands him larger and more ambitious commissions.

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