Slow Motion

21 Oct21 October18 Dec18 December 2020
Paris, France

Dutch artist Aldo Bakker presents 19 new and recent works in a solo exhibition at Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris.

The exhibition consists of ten stone works made of quartzite, marble, red travertin, green onyx, dark pietra basaltina, aluminum, wood, gold, silver and nine pieces that use the Japanese lacquer urushi.

Crossing the boundaries between art and design, the objects "slowly reveal their ambiguous forms and meaning as each one has its own character and singular appearance," said Carpenters Workshop Gallery.

This will be the first time the artist has exhibited in France.

Slow Motion takes place from 21 October to 18 December 2020 at Carpenters Workshop Gallery, 54 Rue De La Verrerie 75004 Paris, France.