Dezeen Club metaverse meet-up

7 Apr7 April 2021

Dezeen hosts a virtual rooftop social evening to discuss the rise of the metaverse with a selection of designers to launch the new Dezeen Club.

Dezeen Club is a virtual membership club for architects, designers and enthusiasts that is due to launch later this year.

This event features a panel discussion with Space PopularAndrés ReisingerAmber Jae Slooten and Charlotte Taylor, who discuss the future of design in a digital world, the rise of NFTs and metaverse environments such as Fortnite, Gather and Second Life.

It is hosted on a virtual rooftop terrace in Gather, a spatial video-chat environment that has been described as "Minecraft meets Zoom".

Guests use an avatar to walk around the virtual environment, which features a bar and seating areas to socialise, as well as a lecture theatre for the panel discussion and a second stage for musicians to perform.

The Dezeen Club metaverse meet-up takes place from 5:00 to 7:00 pm BST on 7 April.

The event is invitation-only. If you are interested in joining Dezeen Club or would like to apply to attend the event, email