Biennale Internationale de Design Graphique 2021 is a four-month festival that celebrates graphic design and presents an opportunity for visitors to meet, discuss and take part in workshops, talks and roundtables.

With its theme of Viral, the festival sees events taking place across the Chaumont commune in France.

The Biennale is an invitation for visitors to reflect on the subject of virality, which refers to the spreading or diffusion of an image, video or piece of information, and explore the various interpretations of the subject.

The event aims to bring together professionals, enthusiasts and students of graphic design in order to make the discipline more accessible. Workshops, talks and roundtables are organised across towns in Chaumont so that visitors can question, discuss, share and transmit ideas around the topic of graphic creation.

Biennale Internationale de Design Graphique 2021 takes place from 27 May to 26 September 2021 at various locations across Chaumont, France.