This Japan House London exhibition presents the work of Japanese textile designer Sudō Reiko, including five large-scale installations that showcase her manufacturing processes.

Sudō is an internationally acclaimed designer who seeks to push the limits of textile design through using unconventional materials and inventing new methods of sustainable manufacturing.

Showing in the UK for the first time, Making Nuno's installations present the techniques Sudō uses in her work such as washi (traditional Japanese paper) dyeing and chemical lace embroidery.

The exhibition also features supporting material in the form of design prototypes and drawings, which invite audiences to learn about the craft of one of Japan's most notable current textile designers.

Making Nuno: Japanese Textile Innovation from Sudō Reiko takes place from 17 May to 11 July 2021 at Japan House London, 101-111 Kensington High Street, London W8 5SA, United Kingdom.