Eco Hotel Restart Summit 2021

17–18 JunJune 2021

Through a series of online workshops and talks, Eco Hotel Restart Summit aims to rethink the hospitality industry's priorities in order to consider the environment and changes in guest priorities, and to support the wider community.

The event has four main themes:

  • Thinking differently
  • Marketing in a post-Covid world
  • Investment in eco hospitality
  • Wellness: a world of opportunity

"We know everyone's minds are on opening up again at the moment but we are aware that most of us feel differently about our lives and priorities as we emerge from the pandemic," said event co-organiser, Steph Curtis-Raleigh.

"We want to protect our planet, look after our communities and give our guests an experience that is healing and life-affirming. Let's not just go back to the way things were – we can celebrate the chance to do better."

The first day of the event features a live talk programme from industry leaders. The second day hosts practical skill workshops including those that focus on social media strategy, eco-architecture and design, and reducing carbon emissions on existing hospitality venues.

For more details of the event, speakers and agenda visit the Eco Hotel Restart Summit website.

Dezeen is a media partner for Eco Hotel Restart Summit 2021.

Eco Hotel Restart Summit 2021 takes place online at from 17 to 18 June 2021.