Photo of a model building


25 Nov25 November - 11 Dec11 December 2022
London, UK

Multidisciplinary design and architecture studio Piercy & Company hosts the Supermodels exhibition, showcasing eight animated models in an empty building site in central London.

Each model represents a building designed by the studio, and projection mapping, sound, light and scent are used to bring the buildings to life.

Audiences are encouraged to engage with the models, similarly to other small animated objects, such as cuckoo clocks, doll's houses and model railways.

The exhibition aims to combine the physical and digital and communicate architecture in a universal manner, representing the studio's haptic, sensorial and experiential approach to architecture for the past 20 years.

Supermodels takes place from 25 November to 11 December 2022 at Jahn Court, Regent Quarter, 34 York Way, London N1 9AB, UK.