Photo of the Mindcraft Project logo

The Mindcraft Project 2023

5 Oct5 October 2023
Copenhagen, Denmark

The Mindcraft Project 2023 is an exhibition showcasing explorative design from 10 Danish designers and makers, curated by Sara Martinsen.

Exhibitors include Anna Søgaard, Christian and Jade, Henrik Tjærby, Jonas Edvard, Marianne Eriksen Scott, Hansen, Mia Lisa Spon and Nadine Burkhardt, Natural Material Studio, Sia Hurtigkarl, Wang and Söderström, and Yukari Hotta.

The exhibition is organised by The Mindcraft Project platform, which is led by the Copenhagen Design Agency (CDA).

The Mindcraft Project 2023 takes place on 5 October 2023 at Otto Mønsteds, Gade 51571 Copenhagen, Denmark.