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Gender pay gap calculator

This tool, created as part of our Move the Needle initiative, allows you to quickly and easily calculate the gender pay gap at your firm. The calculator works out the mean gender pay gap, one of two key metrics used to measure the average difference between male and female salaries in a company.

Dezeen's calculator (above) allows firms to assess if there is a gender pay gap at their business. It is a quick and simple reckoner and is intended as a conversation starter conversations and awareness raiser. However companies should use more sophisticated methods to properly tackle pay inequality in their organisations.

The calculator works out the mean percentage difference between the mean average salary of a firm's female and male staff – one of two key metrics used to identify any gender pay gap. The higher the percentage, the bigger the problem. However a negative percentage means women are being paid more!

A more complex metric used to identify the gender pay gap is to use the median pay gap, which compares the wage of the middle male and female earner.

Under UK government regulations companies with over 250 employees have to calculate a range of figures, using both the mean and median methods. The government has set out guidance for making the calculations on its website.

The calculator is part of Dezeen's Move the Needle initiative, launched this to coincide with International Women's Day. The project aims to improve gender equality in architecture and design.

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We'd love to hear about your findings and any action you plan to take on the gender pay gap as part of our Move the Needle initiative. Please use the comments section below or email us: [email protected]