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This is a digital version of the Links and Credits section in Dezeen Book of Ideas.

Page 8
Plumen 001 by Hulger
Designers: Samuel Wilkinson; Hulger
Brand: Plumen
More lighting
Photos © Ian Nolan, styled by Poppy Norton

Page 12
Sliding House by dRMM
Architect: dRMM
More houses
Photos © Alex de Rijke

Page 14
Corpus 2.0 by Marcia Nolte
Designer: Marcia Nolte

Page 18
Selexyz Dominicanenn by Merkx + Girod Architecten
Architect: Merkx + Girod Architecten
Photos © Roos Aldershoff Photography

Page 20
Receipt redesign by BERG
Designer: BERG
Other: Icon Magazine

Page 21
Rubber House by Zeinstra van Gelderen Architecten
Architect: Zeinstra van Gelderen Architecten
More houses

Page 22
Inntel Hotel by WAM Architecten
Architect: WAM Architecten
More hotels
Photos © Roel Backaert

Page 24
The T-Shirt Issue by Mashallah Design & Linda Kostowski
Designers: Mashallah Design; Realfakewatches
Photo: Hande Akcayli / Murat Kocyigit / Linda Kostowski

Page 26
Foldingplug by Min-Kyu Choi
Designer: Min-Kyu Choi
Photos: Courtesy of Made In Mind

Page 27
Cloud City by Studio Lindfors
Architect: Studio Lindfors

Page 28
Balancing Barn by MVRDV
Architects: MVRDV; Mole Architects
Project: Living Architecture
More MVRDV; more cantilevers
Photo © Edmund Sumner courtesy of MVRDV and Living Architecture
More Edmund Sumner

Page 30
A Flip Flop Story by Diederik Schneemann
Designer: Studio Schneemann
Other: UniqEco

Page 32
Paper Tea House by Shigeru Ban
Architect: Shigeru Ban
More paper; more cardboard
Photos: Phillips de Pury and Company

Page 34
Tokyo Apartment by Sou Fujimoto
More Sou Fujimoto; more Tokyo
Photos © Edmund Sumner/VIEW
Photographer: Edmund Sumner

Page 38
Honeycomb Vase by Studio Libertiny
Designer: Tomáš Gabzdil Libertiny
More vases
Photo: Raoul Kramer

Page 40
GINA Light Visionary Model by BMW
Designer: BMW
More BMW; more cars

Page 41
The Virgin Collection by OAT
Designer: OAT
More shoes
Photo: Corriette Schoenaerts

Page 42
Serpentine Gallery Pavilion by various
Photos: 42 Philippe Ruault © Ateliers Jean Nouvel; 43 Iwan Baan © 2009 Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa / SANAA; 44 © Julien Lanoo; 45 © Iwan Baan 2008 © Gehry Partners LLP 2008

Page 46
Well Done by Bruketa & Zinic
Designer: Bruketa & Zinic
More books
Photo: Domagoj Kunic

Page 48
Mojito Shoes by Julian Hakes
Designer: Hakes
More shoes
Images © Hakes Associates

Page 49
Waste-to-Energy Plant by BIG
Architect: BIG
More BIG
Image: BIG/Glessner

Page 50
Minimal Dress by Digna Kosse
Designer: Digna Kosse
Photo: Lisa Klappe

Page 51
Concrete Cloth by Concrete Canvas
Designer: Concrete Canvas
More concrete

Page 52
Manned Cloud by Jean-Marie Massaud
Designer: Massaud
Other: ONERA
Image: Studio Massaud with the scientific partnership of ONERA

Page 54
Structural Oscillations by Gramazio & Kohler
Architect: Gramazio & Kohler
Photos 54 © Alessandra Bello; 55 top © Gramazio & Kohler, ETH Zurich; bottom © Alessandra Bello

Page 56
Quinta Monroy by Alejandro Aravena of Elemental
Architect: Alejandro Aravena; Elemental
Photo © Cristobal Palma Photographer
More Cristobal Palma

Page 58
Elastic House by Etienne Meneau
Designer: Etienne Meneau
More houses

Page 59
Peepoo Bag by Anders Wilhelmson, Camilla Wirseen & Peter Thuvander
Designers: Anders Wilhelmson; Peter Thuvander
Photo: Peepoople / Camilla Wirseen

Page 60
Rolling Masterplan by Jägnefält Milton
Architect: Jägnefält Milton

Page 62
Shaping Traditional Oral Knowledge by Jihyun Ryou
Designer: Jihyun Ryou

Page 64
FattyShell by Kyle Sturgeon, Chris Holzwart and Kelly Raczkowski
University: University of Michigan
Photo: Kyle Sturgeon

Page 66
Non-lethal Mousetraps by Roger Arquer
Designer: Roger Arquer
More animals
Photos: Peter Mallet

Page 68
The Cloud by Atelier Hapsitus
Architect: Atelier Hapsitus
More Dubai
Image: Nadim Karam

Page 70
Brother Klaus Field Chapel by Peter Zumthor
More Peter Zumthor; More churches
Photo © Hélène Binet
Photographer: Hélène Binet

Page 72
Takasugi-an by Terunobu Fujimori
Photo © Edmund Sumner/VIEW
Photographer: Edmund Sumner
More Edmund Sumner

Page 74
St. Bartholomew’s Church bty Maxim Velcovsky
Designer: Qubus
More churches
Photos: Filip Šlapal

Page 76
NewspaperWood by Mieke Meijer and Vij5
Designers: Mieke Meijer; Vij5
Photo: designlabel Vij5

Page 77
Gordon Wu CityLocalTM by Aberrant Architecture
Architect: Aberrant Architecture
More Shenzhen and Hong Kong Biennale 09
Image: Aberrant Architecture with Daniel Wiltshire & Ed Butler

Page 78
Ink Calendar by Oscar Diaz
Designer: Oscar Diaz
More Oscar Diaz

Page 80
Pewter Stool by Max Lamb
Designer: Max Lamb
More stools
Photos: 80 Jane Lamb; 81 Max Lamb

Page 82
Paper Rings by TT:NT
Designer: TT:NT
More paper
Photo: Suratchai C.

Page 84
House in Buzen by Suppose Design Office
Architect: Suppose Design Office
More Suppose Design Office; more Japanese houses
Photo: Toshiyuki Yano

Page 85
House in Ekoda by Suppose Design Office
Architect: Suppose Design Office
More Suppose Design Office; more Japanese houses
Photo: Toshiyuki Yano

Page 86
House in Nagoya by Suppose Design Office
Architect: Suppose Design Office
More Suppose Design Office; more Japanese houses
Photo: Toshiyuki Yano

Page 87
House in Koamicho by Suppose Design Office
Architect: Suppose Design Office
More Suppose Design Office; more Japanese houses
Photo: Toshiyuki Yano

Page 88
Type the Sky by Lisa Rienermann
Designer: Lisa Rienermann
Photos © Lisa Rienermann

Page 90
The High Line by Field Operations and Diller Scofidio + Renfro
Designers: Field Operations; Diller Scofidio + Renfro; Piet Oudolf
More parks and gardens
Photo © Iwan Baan
Photographer: Iwan Baan
More Iwan Baan

Page 92
100 11th Avenue by Jean Nouvel
Architect: Jean Nouvel
More Jean Nouvel; more New York
Photos © Philippe Ruault

Page 93
Finger-nose Stylus by Dominic Wilcox
Designer: Dominic Wilcox

Page 94
Motel Out of the Blue by Maartje Dros and Francois Lombarts
Designers: Maartje Dros; Francois Lombarts
Photos: Maartje Dros

Page 96
Public Space Shading Canopy by Asif Khan, Omid Kamvari and Pavlos Sideris
Architect: Asif Khan
Photos: Asif Khan

Page 97
Incremental Housing Strategy by Urban Nouveau*
Architect: Urban Nouveau
More urban design

Page 98
Sweeper Clock by MaartenBaas
Designer: MaartenBaas
More clocks
Photo: Ricardo sà da Costa

Page 100
The Mirrorcube by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter
Architect:Tham & Videgård Arkitekter
More tree houses
Photos: Åke E:son Lindman

Page 104
Melissa + Gaetano shoe by Gaetano Pesce
Designer: Gaetano Pesce
Brand: Melissa
More shoes
Photo: Courtesy of Melissa

Page 105
Switch by Yuko Shibata
Architect: Yuko Shibata
Photos: Ryohei Hamada

Page 106
Rolex Learning Centre by SANAA
Architect: SANAA
More SANAA; more education
Photos © Julien Lanoo
Photographer: Julien Lanoo
More Julien Lanoo

Page 108
Baked by Studio Formafantasma
Designer: Studio Formafantasma

Page 110
Eco-friendly Phone by Daizi Zheng
Designer: Daizi Zheng
More mobile phones
Photo: Luzhe Huang

Page 111
Plytube by Seongyong Lee
Designer: Seongyong Lee
More stools

Page 112
4:Secs Condoms by ...XYZ
Designer: ...XYZ
More sex

Page 113
See Better to Learn Better by Yves Behar
Designer: fuseproject
More Yves Behar; more eyewear
Photos courtesy of fuseproject

Page 114
Homemade is Best by Forsman & Bodenfors for IKEA
Designer: Forsman & Bodenfors
More books
Photos Carl Kleiner/Agent Bauer
Photographer: Carl Kleiner

Page 118
Plopp Stool by Oskar Zieta
Designer: Oskar Zieta
Manufacturer: HAY
More stools
Photo: Zieta Prozessdesign

Page 119
Move: Choreographing You exhibition by Amanda Levete Architects
Architect: Amanda Levete Architects
More Amanda Levete Architects
Photos: Stephen Citrone

Page 120
Safe House by Robert Konieczny
Architect: Robert Konieczny
More houses
Photos Aleksander Rutkowski

Page 122
Chairless by Alejandro Aravena
Designer: Alejandro Aravena
Manufacturer: Vitra
More chairs
Photo © Vitra/Nicole Bachmann

Page 123
Christmas Cards by Heatherwick Studio
Designer: Thomas Heatherwick
More Thomas Heatherwick; more cards

Page 124 Clinic Akasaka by Nendo
Designer: Nendo
More Nendo; more medical centres
Photo © Jimmy Cohrssen

Page 126
Illoiha Omotesando climbing wall by Nendo
Designer: Nendo
More Nendo
Photo © Daici Ano

Page 127
iPad by Apple
Manufacturer: Apple
More Apple

Page 128
Oogst 1 Solo by Tjep.
Designer: Tjep.

Page 129
Jar Tops by Jorre van Ast
Designer: Jorre van Ast
Manufacturer: Royal VKB
Photo: © Royal VKB

Page 130
Local River by Mathieu Lehanneur
Designer: Mathieu Lehanneur

Page 132
Workshop Chair by Jerszy Seymour
Designer: Jerszy Seymour
More chairs
Photo: Markus Jans

Page 133
Seed Cathedral by Heatherwick Studio
Architect: Thomas Heatherwick
More Thomas Heatherwick; more Shanghai Expo 2010
Photo © Iñigo Bujedo Aguirre

Page 134
12 Blocks by Loom Studio
Architect: Loom Studio
Images: Don Vu

Page 135
National Glass Museum by Bureau SLA
Architect: Bureau SLA
More museums
Photo © Jeroen Musch

Page 136
Tape Berlin by Numen / For Use
Designer: For Use

Page 138
Masdar Initiative by Foster + Partners
Architect: Foster + Partners
More Foster + Partners; Abu Dhabi
Photo top © Nigel Young/Foster + Partners; bottom © Foster + Partners

Page 139
Air Multiplier by Dyson
Designer: Dyson

Page 140
Casas na Areia by Aires Mateus Architects
Architect: Aires Mateus Architects
Photo © Nelson Garrido

Page 142
Rapidprototypedshoe by Marloes ten Bhömer
Designer: Marloes ten Bhömer
More shoes

Page 143
Paper Eyelashes by Paperself
Designer: Paperself
More paper

Page 144
Flooded London by Squint/Opera
Designer: Squint/Opera

Page 146
D’espresso by Nemaworkshop
Designer: Nemaworkshop
Brand: D’espresso
Photo: David Joseph

Page 147
Food Printer by Philips Design
Designer: Philips Design
Images © Philips Design - Food Probe Project, Food Printer

Page 148
Wall House by FAR frohn&rojas architects
Architect: FAR frohn&rojas architects
More houses
Photo © Cristobal Palma
Photographer: Cristobal Palma
More Cristobal Palma

Page 150
Champions by Konstantin Grcic
Designer: Konstantin Grcic
Producer: Galerie kreo
More Konstantin Grcic
Photo Fabrice Gousset, courtesy of Galerie kreo

Page 151
Gravity by Ziiiro
Designer: Ziiiro
More watches
Photo © Robert Dabi

Page 152
Urban Camping by import.export Architecture
Architect: import.export Architecture
Photo © Filip Dujardin

Page 154
Open-air Library by KARO
Architect: KARO
More libraries
Photo © Anja Schlamann / ARTUR IMAGES

Page 156
Havaianas by Isay Weinfeld Arquiteto
Architect: Isay Weinfeld Arquiteto
More retail
Photo © Nelson Kon

Page 157
Minimalist Effect in the Maximalist Market by Antrepo
Designer: Antrepo
More packaging
Image © Mehmet Gözetlik / Antrepo

Page 158
National Stadium Beijing by Herzog & de Meuron
Architect: Herzog & de Meuron
More Herzog & de Meuron
Photo © Iwan Baan
Photographer: Iwan Baan
More Iwan Baan

Page 160
REK Bookcase by Reinier de Jong
Designer: Reinier de Jong
More bookcases
Photo: Reinier de Jong Design

Page 161
Land of Giants by Choi + Shine Architects
Architect: Choi + Shine Architects
More pylons
Image © 2008-2001 Choi+Shine Architects, Brookline, MA (background image supplied by the Association of Icelandic Architects)

Page 162
The Toaster Project by Thomas Thwaites
Designer: Thomas Thwaites
Photo: Daniel Alexander

Page 164
132 5. Issey Miyake by Issey Miyake’s Reality Lab
Designer: Issey Miyake
Other: Jun Mitani
More Issey Miyake
Photos: Hiroshi Iwasaki

Page 166
Camper Stores by various designers
Designers: Tomas Alonso; Hayon Studio; Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec; TAF Arkitektkontor
Brand: Camper
More Camper stores; more retail
Photos: 166 Sánchez & Montoro; 167 Koji Fujii; 168-169 Patrik Lindell

Page 170
Merry-go-round Coat Rack by Studio Wieki Somers
Designer: Studio Wieki Somers
Photo: Elian Somers

Page 172
Hanger Chair by Philippe Malouin
Designer: Philippe Malouin
More chairs

Page 174
Housing in Helsingborg by
Architect: Wilhelmson Arkitekter
Image: Danyal Taylan / Peter Thuvander / wilhelmson arkitekter

Page 176
Playhouse by Aboday
Architect: Aboday
More slides
Photo: Happy Lim

Page 177
Floating Observatories by and DSBA
Architects:; DSBA
Image: DSBA and

Page 178
Eiffel DNA by Serero Architects
Architect: Serero Architects
Images © Serero Architects

Page 179
Crumpled City by Emanuele Pizzolorusso for Palomar
Designer: Emanuele Pizzolorusso
Manufacturer: Palomar
Image: Palomar srl

Page 180
House with Balls by Matharoo Associates
Architect: Matharoo Associates
More houses
Photos © Edmund Sumner/VIEW
Photographer: Edmund Sumner
More Edmund Sumner

Page 182
OLA folding table by AKKA
Designer: AKKA
Manufacturer: Materia
More tables

Page 183
LunaTik by Scott Wilson
Designer: Minimal
More watches
Image courtesy of

Page 184
Unsustainable by Greetje van Helmond
Designer: Greetje van Helmond
More jewellery

Page 186
Recovery Lounge by Priestmangoode
Designer: Priestmangoode
More medical centres

Page 187
Moving Platforms by Priestmangoode
Designer: Priestmangoode

Page 188
Sleepbox by Arch Group
Architect: Arch Group

Page 190
Humlegården apartment by Tham & Videgård Hansson Architekter
Architect: Tham & Videgård Hansson Architekter
More apartments
Photo: Åke E:son Lindman

Page 194
Stack by Shay Alkalay of Raw-Edges Design Studio
Designer: Raw-Edges Design Studio
Manufacturer: Established & Sons
More storage
Photo: Peter Guenzel