Minimal Dresses by Digna Kosse

Dutch Design Week: graduate designer Digna Kosse presents a series of dresses made of the smallest amount of fabric at the Design Academy Eindhoven Graduate Galleries exhibition this week.


Kosse made a series of fifteen dresses using different yarns and techniques.


Here's some text from Design Academy Eindhoven:


Designer: Digna Kosse
Department: Man and Leisure
Graduated: 2009

Photo by: Lisa Klappe

Project: Minimal Dress

Description ‘May I ask how many costumes she wears out each year?’ ‘My dear sir, the clothing of a lady does not wear out through her wearing of it, but through her being seen in it.’ - Richard Steele

Our clothes are more quickly discarded as a result of changing fashion than because of wear and tear. The consumption of material by the clothing industry is gigantic as a result.

Digna Kosse designed fifteen dresses that are far from voracious consumers of material. She demonstrates that you can minimize these pieces of clothing to a few threads at the most. Minimal Dresses are wispier than wispy, yet they remain feminine dresses with which to make a fashion statement.