Fabio Novembre store opens in Rome


Fabio Novembre store opens in Rome

Milanese architect/designer Fabio Novembre has sent us images of his latest project - a flagship store for American shoe brand Stuart Weitzman at 27 Via dei Condotti in Rome.


With Corian ribbons weaving across walls and ceiling to form shelving and architraves, the concept will now be rolled out at Stuart Weitzman stores elsewhere.


"It's a new design concept that will be used for the hundreds of flagship stores around the world," Novembre tells us.



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  • espi

    looks like someone just walpapered the whole room with toilet paper

  • awesome store never seen such a lovely store before

  • muahmmad kaunain



  • luis miguel


  • K. Rimane

    wow, love the idea and the result. super sweet.

  • Javier

    Wow, I have never seen a store go so wild on their architecture. I really love how the store is centered around the design, and not the other way around.
    The design is awesome, and I hope someday all stores go as far as this store went with their design, and architecture. It’s really attractive, and attention catching.
    Makes me want to go in there (even though I have not interest in high heeled shoes, or purses)

  • shilpa

    Amazing..!! fantabulous…!!creative to the core..!
    only seen such concepts on paper..nvr seen them in real ..
    inspires one .. such a gr8 combination of art and execution..

  • Bertha Wilson

    HA HA HA HA HA! ‘spaguetis’ – Ha ha ha ha ha ha – hee…

  • Paula

    bellisimo! Fabio knows about art, and use it in architecture! that is good architecture!

  • Loretta

    The arrangement of ‘toilet paper’ must be held in check by strong refinement of the function.

  • zuy

    see new karim Rashid table/ chair

  • Mr. Mann

    Beige is no good, use color!

  • rishikesh lokhande

    truly great concept, great detailing

  • stefan

    i agree, beige was not an inspired choice… it’s too monochrome! a pity, because the concept is great!

  • This design and style both of personality very much,and spectacular.If only in my opinion,i do not think that it is for a store design.
    There is only one fault i think,is the height of space.It give me repressive.

  • SnowBallCity

    It’s perfect in a store, and only in a store. This wouldn’t work anywhere else. There needed to be more color. Three or four colors. Then it would appear as though four ribbons would be winding along the walls. However, this is the type of design that you look back at three years from now and wonder “what were we thinking? It’s ugly”. Similar to when you see some designs from the ’70’s (not all though, but you know what I mean). That “ugh, what was our mindset back then?” feeling.

  • SnowBallCity

    And I see that using only beige was to not detract from the products on display. But I don’t think using three or four colors would have done that. People are going into the store to buy shoes. They know what to look for.

  • irsa

    great idea, looks like bandages rolled everywhere ! i think it would work properly for the store.
    and also the idea came into perform perfectly.
    unique and fascinating

  • The comment about it looking like someone has wrapped toilet paper around the room is funny this just looks beautiful.

  • Absolutely beautiful. It's a cross between mummification and an attack by the Andrex puppy (as someone alluded to with their comment). It is so unusual and I would love to see this sort of design with lighting effects or UV.

  • Art and function come together with this design. I would love to have the opportunity to install this in my own home – with the addition of some well placed cushions. My cat would also love jumping and climbing up and down all the levels and layers. Fabio Novembre's blog is worth checking out – it's an inspiration.

  • i think it would work properly for the store. great idea

  • J.H

    although some might disagree, i think it's appropriate to use of beige in a store. you don't need to put any other color, because the main focus is not the interior, although the interior creates the atmosphere, but the whole idea of going into a store is to buy the product they sell.

    thus the use of beige as a "neutral" color brings out the black, white, red or whatever color of the product being displayed.

    for me beige is such a simple, cool, calming, and elegant color. overall. i love the interior, the color, the whole concept! love it! great work!

  • I applaud this insightful masterpiece blending function definition and whimsy! How enlivening it would be to see more design like this.