More images of Adjaye pavilion



Albion Gallery in London has updated us with a few more pictures of David Adjaye's Horizon pavilion.


For more details, see our previous story here.



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  • Steve Miles

    I just don’t get what all the fuss is about. Its a bit of fancy fenestration – students have been proposing this in glass and perspex for years. The environment is dull, devoid of meaning and claustrophobic.

    His ‘Ideas Store’ at Whitechapel is appallingly detailed as well so I hope this one is better.

  • India Wright

    The piece is designed as a meditative space and it works very well to that aim. The geometry of the pavilion transports you to some far off place and the defused lighting calms. The form is simple and rather poetic – to be enjoyed on that level or wherever else it may take you.

  • ajay

    yah this is fabulous to see this type of projects that make us young up coming architects to get inspiration.