New images of Fukasawa’s Infobar2 phone


Naoto Fukasawa's office has sent us better images of the Japanese designer's prototype Infobar2 phone.

The concept phone is an updated version of Fukasawa's iconic 2001 Infobar design.


Like its predecessor, Infobar2 was commissioned by Japanese mobile phone brand KDDI as part of its design-led AU Design Project series.

The new version retains the large, square keys of the original but is thinner and has rounded edges, "as if regular candy began melting and became slightly rounded in the mouth," according to the AU Design Project website.


Also like the original, Infobar2 comes in a range of colourfully tiled keypads.

The design has not yet gone into production.

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  • It will be a very nice mobile phone! I like his style when he makes consumer electronics. Like the products through his brand plusminuszero

  • yul

    reminds me of the seimens 242 handsets with a major update!