Isolation Unit completes Tokyo hair salon



Isolation Unit, the product and interiors company established by designer Teruhiro Yanagihara, has sent us images of a recently completed hair salon in Tokyo.


The salon is for fashionable Japanese hairdressing chain Lim and consists of a theatrically minimal installation within the host building's untreated concrete frame.

The project was completed late last year. Photographs are by Takumi Ota.




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  • dave

    wow, I’m speechless. it manages to be both funny and disgusting- maybe the wasted space is a statement? in a small space, it would be proper, this just invites images of secret police arresting you as you check the back and the stylist is putting their scissors away.

  • Cora

    Scary! Looks like “Silent Hill – The Salon”.

  • rachel

    scary looks like somethink out of a horror or snuff movie.youd never make your millions with just one work station and two ladders .

  • Rory

    Love it, the hair cutting makes the statement rather than tacky decor

  • Maxence

    It’s nothing.

  • really good, just the necesary elements in a box.
    i like it.

  • Whilst managing to be intriguing, the walls seem to float in relation to each other, brilliantly lit, at once calming and meditative.

    I can imaging being there immediately!