Ross Lovegrove for VitrA

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Ross Lovegrove for VitrA

Ross Lovegrove presents VitrA MOD, a new bathroom range for Turkish brand VitrA.


The collection will be launched at the ISH trade fair in Frankfurt between 6-10 March.


Below is a statement about the range from Lovegrove:


This second collection is a response to brief from the client that asks for a vital and clean solution that elevates the mid segment product range. It is not intended as an extension series to Istanbul but as a completely defined language that compliments the successful architecture of contemporary industrial design and also the emerging influence of controlled linear graphic interior design.

The challenge was set to identify a design logic that would result in an intelligent modular system with subtle references to the economic every day use of water. Ultimately I have studied the production processes once again to thin down and lighten the ceramic in order to reduce material mass, firing time and ultimately cost so that all aspects of the design philosophy are reflected in the universitality of the series.


The series is totally versatile and adaptable to most architectural situations and is compact enough to be a practical solution for most cultures globally. The hardware has undergone the same intense process of reduction and organic mineralization in search of a complete product offering that harmonizes across materials, functions and typologies.


The main washbasin faucet for example has a reduced diameter stem in order to reduce water emissions and overall there has been a rationalisation in favour of advanced joystick and cartridge mechanisms.


Much effort has gone into balancing the proportions of the different core elements and how they coexist in interior space, liberating floors and surfaces of extraneous clutter whilst leaving generous space around them.
The MODULAR SYSTEM is new in that it replaces the traditionally heavy pedestal elements with shrouds that are available in different generic materials and price-points to suit individual tastes.
High precision materials such as corian, laminate, bamboo, aluminium and stainless steel are currently being investigated with the aluminium at the high end being the optimum solution in terms of modernity and aesthetic clarity .
VitrA MOD has been designed and developed in order to integrate all ongoing advances in touch ceramic technologies and to adapt to the needs of different markets worldwide from China to Australia.

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