Santiago Calatrava in Chicago



Santiago Calatrava has unveiled new designs for the Chicago Spire - a 150-storey condiminum tower proposed for Lake Shore Drive (via Archidose).


The Spanish-born engineer unveiled his latest refinements to the controversial design in Chicago on Monday.


If built, the 2,000ft tower will contain around 1300 luxury apartments. More on the tower in the Chicago Tribune.

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  • steven

    its really coool…i love it….

  • Bob

    A pipe reamer, a sharp-edged Freudian thing, an expression of violent impulses toward women.

  • Juan

    Not as elegant as the "twisting torso", in my opinion, but still a marvel.

  • amsam

    It’s like a sea shell.

  • fei

    Inspiring, spiky and very cool. It does look better than Norman Forster’s Gherkin (Swiss bank in London) but I’m still wondering what kind logic was propelling Calatrava to design it in this form?

  • ron b

    The devil is in the details on these kinds of designs.