Light Wind by demakersvan


Light Wind by demakersvan

Young Dutch designers demakersvan have created a wind-powered outdoor light inspired by windmills.


Called Light Wind, the freestanding design is topped by a 2m-diameter propeller. Photos are by Ingmar Cramers.

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  • Excellent! Fabulous! Wonderful! how can Syracuse New York be involved in displaying one of these new lights? Please contact ASAP.

  • Thanks , for the great compliments, we are always happy to see that our work gives such reactions.

    you can contact the studio at

    regards from Holland , jeroen verhoeven

  • Interested in learning more about your products. As weel as bringing them into our line of products. Please call us

  • jane gleeson

    I am the editor of X-OLOGY magazine – a technology publication produced in Michigan. I would like to feature the Light Wind in the Going Green department of our spring issue and wondered if this product is available for sale in the US.

  • Gavin Lindsay

    Can you give me more info regarding the actual material and working of the rotor blades at top of the light.

    It may be something we could utilise for our company and perhaps buy from yourselves.


  • It would be useful if someone published plans for constructing this lamp. Could the designers please do so? Then people could make them for their own communities in villages and towns in poor countries around the world.