Jean Nouvel in Doha


As you may have noticed, we're focusing on architecture and design in the Middle East in the run up to the International Design Forum in Dubai next month.


Here are several renderings, model shots, plans and elevations of Jean Nouvel's High Rise Office Building proposal for Doha in Qatar.


Work has already started on the 45-storey tower, which is due for completion late in 2008.


The glass-clad building is wrapped in a metal brise-soleil based on a traditional Islamic pattern.

For more design developments in the Middle East, check out our blog for the IDF.


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  • thomas

    He forgot something very important…………..the BALLLLLLLLLLLS

  • One

    This is a fanastic project… After that infinite tower in Paris, I must say Jean Nouvel’s Tower projct is exploringthe possibilities that a tower can possess, in cosmology in its archtectural shape, faacde, geometry, detals…. I guess it will continue to develop further therefore applause!

  • Nifty

    Seriously… can anyone say Pleasure Mesh…. Guess this gives a whole new meaning to the French Tickler….

  • Francis

    Is Mr Nouvel suffering of some kind of frustration?
    It reminds me an episode of HIMYM for those who know.

  • Ben

    Its a bird, its a plane, no its the huggest penis in the world!

  • Mabel

    what I want to say is these guys who is making fun on this building, you should go and have a look, if you are still joking on it, then I have to say you know nothing about buildings.

  • rafik

    can you make the development look like the cover above a table
    (the invelope is flying)

  • Johnny510

    This building looks like a big penis

  • zandie

    this structure would “function” better in Tokyo, Taiwan & other earthquake prone locations


    The lack of culture shown with the cretinism of most comments is amazingly depressing. I hope that none of those people are architects. Or maybe they are, which would explain why so few buildings in the US offers any interest.
    Nouvel is in the company of architects, not only with talent and imagination, but with a respect for the local historical context. He also is an amazing architect striving to push the envelope, looking for new technology and materials, making buildings more interesting to look at and also more efficient.
    Any one talking about dicks and dildos obviously have a problem and should be examined. Change your diet, exercize and it will work better.

  • Diana

    I recently visited Doha and gasped when I first saw this building. It is beautiful, absolutely beautiful. A huge modern piece of architecture yet enveloped in what appeared to be intricate lacework, such a contrast of styles and skills; new build combined with a very old skill, lacework, it was breathtaking. I am slightly shocked by some of the comments above and a phallus was the last thing that entered my thoughts when I saw this building.

  • shan

    Sad……. so many comments about the same thing….. I rate the architect for managing to put up such a structure in an islamic state, he has certainly made his point….. just shows you what kind of people live in Doha..

  • health and safety inspectors

    You shouldn’t make your condom dangerous with spikes at the end of them. It could really jeopardize the buildability.

  • Put wings at the bottom, so it looks like a zeppelin.

  • RM

    I thought it was a giant, painful, tampon.

  • jason

    are there plans for a female version next door!?

  • Jonathan

    The Doha Dildo.