Jaime Hayón for Villa Moda in Dubai


Jamie Hayon for Villa Moda in Dubai

Live from Dubai: Sheikh Majed Al Sabah, founder and chief executive of Kuwaiti fashion retailer Villa Moda, has unveiled designs for a new store in Dubai by Spanish designer Jaime Hayón.


Sheikh Majed showed the designs during his presentation at the International Design Forum, which started today.


The two-level store, to be built at Dubai Festival City resort, features over-sized columns and cabins shaped like jewels.

Above: ground floor


Above: first floor


Above: first floor


Above: first floor


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  • maboica

    Oh boy. Jaime is such an amazing designer but crossing the line into an architectural scale can be dangerous. Definately not his best. Anything past a “camper” store scale gets too overwhelming. Plus, this is awful.

  • tipi

    i agree he is such an amazing designer and this project can show that !!!!
    loved it ! , it is very special i guess hayon will make an amazing work here , cannot wait to see it done ..
    maboica you must learn about good and bad !

  • Richard Whitley

    How awful! Jamie is now a true, young master of products- what is it about the Bigness of Dubai that brings out the worst in designers? Totally out of his range. The delicacy of Camper is gone.

  • maboica

    I agree with Richard. This is starting too feel very POMO (post modern)…and Marcel Wanders more of the same. Is Mr. Wanders feeling the pressure of Jaimes work? His latest pieces/products have a lack of freshness and seem way too heavily influenced by Hayon.
    **Again: This is bad work**

  • kk

    hey markus,

    I recognize the marcel wanders floorplan in jaime’s article!
    Perhaps this is creating the confusion!!

  • zoe

    i think is fantastic cant wait to see more .love the site by the way .

  • uff this is not good (very strange combination of different styles in one space)….. Jaime going away from his style. or maybe developing his new language?

  • Tseng

    yucks… its like some undergrads’ work for testing out forms and spaces? Is his fame enables him to do anything he wants? it is time for Dubai to filter bad designs rather than just recognizing big names. I cant imagine if it really gets built…

  • Jaime Hayon is truly one of the world’s leading lights of design. He is so cutting edge and talented, up there with the gods Calatrava and Zaha Hadid.
    I think this is a perfect relationship. The Villa Moda brand has always looked ahead and is about a chic and fabulous as you can get, without putting aside high quality and vision.
    I will be shopping there.
    Derek F Khan: Stylist and Judge from America’s Next Top Model

  • Willeam Vendel

    Recently I happened to read an article in which Jamie Hayon praises the whole Dubai project and said he wished he soon would be able to participate in it himself.
    Shortly after this Hayon became involved in Dubai with the store. Coincidence? Not likely.
    I do like a lot of Hayon’s work as a designer and I love his decorative paintings. But his architectural adventure in Dubai does not look especially promising.
    Guess it only proves that architect training is not just for show…

    Willeam Vendel, design/architecture journalist

  • Its wonder design, I don’t know its my luck or its not that my domain for interior design is match villa moda company in Dubai UAE which was closed in may 2007!

  • max

    luxury finishes – including a beautiful floor in Italian leather, soft warm, elegant, exclusive…

  • maria

    Oh, well…it’s Dubai you know? They’re not exactly known for their good taste in decoration and architecture. It’s just “we have a lot of money so let’s show it!”. Very difficult for any designer, architect, etc to make something classy here.
    PS: I truly admire Hayon, but i understand there is a lot of money for him here and the Dubai people are the client. He’s gotta play by their rules.

  • Maria I completely agree with you, this is what happens when you have so much money that you cant use it all in your lifetime. Thats not to say that I dont like the design because admittedly, I do like like it (especially the glass that is shaped like diamonds and the shade of pink is a nice touch too) but I feel that with the money they have, they could have made it much nicer than this.