Jebel al Jais Mountain Resort by OMA


Jebel al Jais Mountain Resort by OMA

Live from Dubai: here are some images of Jebel Al Jais Mountain Resort - a tourist village on a mountain in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah designed by Rem Koolhaas of Office for Metropolitan Architecture.


The project, which consists of elements including an inhabited dam, an inhabited bridge and a vertical village built into a cliff, is one of a string of schemes OMA are working on in the United Arab Emirates - including the RAK Convention Centre at Ras Al Khaimah - and which Koolhaas presented at the International Design Forum in Dubai this weekend.


Images courtesy of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA).


There are more images of this project on OMA's website.

>> see more architectural project in the Persian Gulf on our Google map.

A statement from OMA follows:


Jebel al Jais Mountain Resort

Location: Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

Client: Rakeen Development

Site: Gateway City, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Program: Mixed Use: Covention and Exhibition Centre, Hotels, Offices, Residential, Shopping, Restaurants

Status: Concept Phase

Once the idea of the resort was to provide a momentary escape from everyday hardships; an earthly preview of paradise for temporary consumption...but now in the UAE, where the resort has become the ubiquitous condition, everywhere and ever present, it is the resort itself that is beginning to inspire escape.

The mountain resort of Ras Al Kaimah present a spectacular natural setting. To enter the rugged landscape of these mountains still feels like breaking new ground.

The surge of a new tourism in the form of survival trips, discovery tours and eco-expeditions signals a renewed hunger for long lost dangers; a re-appreciation of some of the more unpredicatible, now necessarily welcoming aspects of nature.

Rather than domesticating these barren slopes into the standard environment of the traditional resort, this project aims to create a resort that exploits their true natural conditions.

The proposed resort consists of a number of different individual parts, linked like a string of pearls by the new Jebel al Jais road.

These include the terraced resort, modern villas, the wedge building, outcrop, pixel villas, vertical city, the dam, the bridge, the cantilever building and the cliff villas.

Each part represents a different urban solution to inhabiting the mountains, providing various degrees of concentration and density. Each part also offers its own specific way of preserving the integrity of the landscape.

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  • Superstudio, anyone?

  • Han Solo

    Death Star was much better.

  • sinor favela

    mm.. I’m surprises with the formal similiraties between some of this buildings and this photos of Frederic Chaubin about Russian huge concrete’s buildings

  • Saad Abdullah

    I loking for villa two bethroom in Jabal Jaise project, please sent me the price if is availibel or reservetion form and peyment terms.



  • Paul Trolly…

    Im not booking a room but I do have a few comments…

    The vertical apartments are incredibly appealing in terms of the experience, and the style is, if not especially groundbreaking, aesthetically pleasing. But, like with most things in the UAE experience often comes whhhheyyy over and above consideration for good taste. The dam is something which I hope is not put into motion anytime soon as this pointless monolithic structure has no form to commend it, even the Hoover dam has the cool stantions that stand in the lake. The bridge has all the appeal of a doylie, and again having NO real practical use, much like the dam.

    It is, apparently, meant to avoid harm and and preserve the landscape. I say it does the opposite, using the landscape for pointless and questionable projects for the nouveau riche!

  • wartian

    is daring!but,is a destroy-paradise design!sad to say UAE produce a lot of high profile yet a lot of high degree natural habitats destruction buildings..

  • ledanhminh

    it is some sort of evil stand on the moutain, i d love most of building that Rem design in past

  • AH consultant

    Stupid people design stupid things. It’s unsustainable and has no basis for ever having any return on investment. Waste of oil money.