Jebel al Jais Mountain Resort by OMA 2


Jebel al Jais Mountain Resort by OMA 2

Live from Dubai: OMA just sent us a few more images of the proposed Jebel al Jais Mountain Resort in Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates.


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  • ns

    how good is that!

  • na

    is it?

  • It’s like an artificial hills. Too boxy and irrelevant with the surrounding, or it is an effort of contradiction? Who knows.

  • na

    It is ugly and does not fit into the landscape

  • actually the first image shown in front page is good, but when i see more, it’s getting worst, agree what AM putra said, is too boxy and no merged in to lanscape.

  • Alexandre

    that´s the thing with koolhas, it never fits, it almost always stands awkwardly against either landscape, urban surrounding, or the building itself. Even koolhas seems to want to stand out with some awkwardness against everyone else… ;)

  • philipp

    and i thought we are now in the 21st century, with REAL problems to be solved. that stuff is as much left behind to progressive thinking as the mainstream business world still is and the average person’s awereness of revolution. in the end, it’s just entertainment and that is boring.

  • CMW

    come on… the lowest house in the bottom photo has got to be pretty pimp. context schmontext…