Belu by Zaha Hadid



Zaha's having a busy year: this is the first of four new works the architect is presenting at the Design Miami/Basel collectors' fair in Switzerland next week.


Produced for art dealer Kenny Schachter, Belu is a multi-functional domestic form that could be used as seating, a table or storage.

Full details from Hadid's office below:


Belu for Kenny Schachter ROVE Gallery
Booth 3, Design Miami/Basel, Markthalle, Viaduktstrasse 10, Basel, CH-4051
June 12th-16th

PROGRAM: Commission for a seating area

CLIENT: Kenneth Schachter

ARCHITECTS: Design Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher

Project Designer: Saffet Kaya Bekiroglu

Project Team: Maha Kutay, Tarek Shamma, Melissa Woolford

Belu is conceived as an autonomous single-celled body that allows for multifunctional use; as a table, counter, chair, container, or simply as a surface to lean on, rest on...

With the dynamic complex geometry of a fluid volume, Belu is able to generate varying adjacency conditions in its direct relationship with the human body. Belu is not just an object for display, but a dynamic gesture that spatially defines its surroundings whilst serving a variety of functions.

In a re-visitation of the original concept, these unique geometries of Belu have been maintained yet scaled down in all three dimensions. This series affords Belu further possibilities of direct intervention within the domestic environment.

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  • four new works by zaha at design basel????
    please tell me more. four works??? are you sure ? , my information is about belu only.

  • Amit Sisack

    a beautifull peace of…???? i`d love to see it in a living room with people using it, if being used, rather than being admired, is what the thing (gorgeous thing) was ment to be for.
    don´t get me wrong, its beautifull, but… beauty is enough?? (i really wonder, its not ironic)

  • maboica

    this obsession with the use of subdivision geometries is getting a little bit tacky. That office is using the same technique all throughout their projects, from buildings to product design…gotta stop hiring AA students soon!!!! (even if they are willing to work for free)

  • Nuno

    maboica: amen!

  • digs

    haha – word!

  • I like very much these forms, so pure, so elegant, so clear…

  • ben

    she can’t even design buildings with beauty..

    why continue to ruin furniture as well.

  • yammymyhammy

    hadid’s work is loved for the position in which her work elevates the standard disposition of the designer to newer levels….she accomplishes a task in her work
    where other individuals are unable to express the mastery of imagery of any designed objects and or spaces in ways that she manages to captivate. her ability
    to add a new element of organic nature to the designs she creates brings her one
    step closer to her vision of how design was meant to be….

    everyone on this site has their own idea of beauty…everyone has their favourite
    designer or unfavoured…..however what makes all designers similarly the same
    is their quest to create in their vision…

    she is only following her vision…and whom is to judge whether or not her work
    is not beautiful….beauty is only in the eye of the beholder….if you have a hard time wondering why people love her work…ask them why instead of wondering
    why anyone would care…..

    if i could only be half of what she has managed to be in spite of obtuse critics….

  • samaneh eshraghi

    new , creative, good form ,excellent