Zaha Hadid at the Serpentine Gallery


Zaha Hadid at the Serpentine Gallery

Message to the people who are moaning about the amount of Zaha Hadid stuff on dezeen: nobody is forcing you to visit this site! Give us a break! Update: this project is included in Dezeen Book of Ideas, which is on sale now for £12. Zaha is on a roll right now and we're not going to turn down quality material and exclusives just to placate a handful of conspiracy theorists.


For everyone else: the Serpentine Gallery in London is due to announce today that the summer pavilion designed by Snøhetta is going to be delayed by a few weeks, so this temporary structure by Hadid will be erected so the gallery can continue with its events programme this summer.

Oh and by the way, we believe in freedom of speech and we're happy to publish comments dissing what we do on dezeen; but people who use foul language or make nasty insinuations can just f*** off. Get a life will you. Or set up your own blog.

Press release from the Serpentine Pavilion below:


Serpentine Gallery Press Release
12 June 2007

Serpentine Gallery commissions Zaha Hadid & Patrik Schumacher installation for Kensington Gardens

12 July – 21 July 2007

Pritzker Prize-winning architect Zaha Hadid and Patrik Schumacher, Partner at Zaha Hadid Architect’s will design a temporary installation on the occasion of the Gallery’s world-renowned fundraiser The Summer Party, which will take place on 11 July. It will be sited on the lawn next to the Gallery where it will remain for a period of one week.

The installation is designed as an open air space, 5.5 meters in height that consists of three identical fabric structures or parasols arrayed around a central point. Each parasol develops sculpturally from a small articulated base to a large cantilevered diamond shape. Taking inspiration from complex natural geometries such as flower petals and leaves the three parasols overlap to create the installation’s main conceptual feature: complex symmetry, interweaving all-the-while without touching, allowing air, light and sound to travel through narrow gaps in a state that is both open and likewise tending toward closure. Raised on a low platform located within an open field flanked by a row of trees just South of the Serpentine Gallery, the installation is free standing and accessible from all sides.

Zaha Hadid is an architect who consistently pushes the boundaries of architecture and urban design. Her work experiments with new spatial concepts intensifying existing urban landscapes in the pursuit of a visionary aesthetic that encompasses all fields of design, ranging from urban scale through to products, interiors and furniture. Best known for her seminal built works (Vitra Fire Station, Bergisel Ski-Jump in Innsbruck, the Strasbourg Tram Station, the Rosenthal Centre for Contemporary Art in Cincinnati, the BMW Central Building in Leipzig and the Phaeno Science Center in Wolfsburg) her central concerns involve a simultaneous engagement in practice, teaching and research.
An aspect of Hadid's vision is her interest in the rigorous interface between architecture, landscape, and geology as she integrates natural topography and human-made systems that lead her to experiment with cutting-edge technologies. Her current projects include: the Architecture Foundation in London, the Aquatic Centre for the London 2012 Olympic Games, the Performing Arts Centre in Abu Dhabi, the Signature Towers in Dubai, opera houses in Dubai and China, the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Sardinia, private residences in Moscow and the USA, as well as major master-planning projects in Bilbao, Istanbul, Singapore and the Middle East.

Zaha Hadid was awarded the Pritzker Prize in 2004. Her work has received global recognition from the Mies van der Rohe Foundation of European Architecture, the American Institute of Architects, the Royal Institute of British Architects, the Royal Academy of Arts, the International Olympic Committee for Design, the Austrian Commission for Science & Art and the Thomas Jefferson Foundation.

Patrik Schumacher is a partner at Zaha Hadid Architects and has been a senior designer on a series of major projects like the Centre of Contemporary Art and Architecture in Rome and the Central Building for the BMW factory in Leipzig. He is registered with the Architect’s Registration Board, and is a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

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  • MaLóL

    This is so funny…

    Everyone knows zaha is nearly as bad as santiago calatrava.

  • MaLóL

    and by the way, i think you make a very decent blog, so why do you post a full press release that says things like: pritzker, pritzker, pritzker?

    Because of zaha, this prize reputation went down and now it´s like the oscar of architecture.

  • ben

    I’m getting really fucking sick of seeing zaha’s shit EVERYWHERE…all the same.. all really UGLY.


  • Nuno

    MaLoL: amen mate! Enough Zaha. And yes… Pritzer Prize these days worth nothing.

    Long go the days of Siza Vieira, Tadao Ando, Renzo Piano or Norman Foster…….. :(

  • Give dezeen a break! True Zaha is reaching a critical mass at the moment and some may think she is over exposed but dezeen is only reporting on her prolific output not creating it!
    Keep blogging marcus!

  • MAholoolooo

    How far can people go in their complaints and moanings if they cant appreciate consistency?

    Zaha(the DIVA), Calatrava, Gehry etc…= They gave a new meaning to architecture.

    they are defining 21st century architecture.

    NB:consistency is another equivalent to sustainability.

    And Thank you Marcus for all the (shit) that you report to us all around the world.

  • tracy

    Another Zaha post, the architecture world does not revolve around one architect, she might be on a roll but this is certainly not something to rave about. Clearly your being paid by Zaha Associates to feature them.
    Its so transparent

  • rad louda


  • MaLóL

    foster is a crap too!!

  • lia

    yes the quality goes down indeed.. i would say its more patrik schumachers influence… you can’t deny the quality of the early thingy that zaha did like her diploma and the vitra fire station. what comes out now looks like made by some practicants in a big arch-factory without quality control.. its sorry to see..

  • ben

    nothing wrong with dezeen… no coplaints there… keep up the coverage!!

    its zaha’s continual regurgitation of an ugly aesthetic that bugs me…

    and this blog is my only place to vent it.

  • F.Libessart

    no ,no.carry on marcus , we need more injections of ZAHA ,

    We do not want to go cold turkey ..
    Chanel pavillion stunning by the way .

  • Nuno

    Indeed… so I don’t understand why all this go-go-Zaha threads in Dezeen.

    I dig Dezeen a lot, otherwise I won’t be writting this.. but why all these threads regarding Zaha’s work?! She is an OK designer and a good architect, but that’s it!

    If you check other design/architecture blogs Zaha’s work is not that featured, and they (bloggers) try to show us really new stuff, and not more of the same.


  • shifter

    There are dozen of other blogs with Foster’s, Piano’s and other mega-corporative, conventional architecture posts… as I see it, this one is focused on contemporary design (industrial and architectural) and Marcus is doing one hell of a good work keeping everything (that is us) up the date.. And if anyone is feeling qualified to criticize someone’s work, he/she should know that there is something called “objective point of view” and if you think there is a better way to run the blog… do it and let us know about it!
    Thank you Marcus

  • yoooo!

    For the people complaining about the amount of Zaha work on this blog – grow up and learn! You guys couldn’t reach half the beauty and the talent even if you had 1000000 years to practice…

  • ab

    there’s so many things to learn from Zaha’s construction sites, the way her office works. instead of thanking, you’re complaining like a jealous looser.

    what’s your problem there are 6 links today on and one of them is Zaha. and you know very well that YOU DON’T HAVE TO CLICK ON EACH. just ignore her if you are not interested.

    by the way its not even about her anymore. this is the work of many young architects directed by Patrik most of the time. you should give credit to them when you send your hate messages.

    Zaha is a very hardworking woman and she dedicated her life to architecture for many years. She fought many years to prove her point unlike other “stylish architects”.

    her background from OMA merged with the style and turned into something very unique. now we are witnessing the EVOLUTION of that architecture unlike your favourite architects’ work.that’s why it looks repeating and boring to you.

    do you know how it looks like actually? it looks like you were desperately dreaming to be in Zaha’s position at the beginning of your career and because you were not allowed by anyone to turn your dreams into reality you’re very pissed off.

    simple: ignore zaha links if you’re not interested and respect people who wants to see what the office is doing recently.

    i hate commenting on architecture like this but, yeah the serpentine gallery looks like shit just like the OMA’s one :) i really hope there’s an interesting story behind it…only toyo ito’s one was great recently.


    Zaha, gehry aand santiago are the warrior of maneirism nowadays. Just a crap architecture that is the mirror of a crap world that dont have a point to follow. everybody is lost.


    Sorry, I don’t think everybody is lost. On the contrary, Zaha, Patrik and the “many young architects” know exactly what they want and her/their architecture is beautifully shaped.

  • Nuno

    Shaped? Yes… but doesn’t answer the needs of this world architecture-wise.

  • Jazzy B

    The reason why there is so much Zaha stuff on this site is because whoever runs it must be getting paid by the Design Museum to run a blog for their latest exhibition. Why do you think there’s a link to the Design Museum’s blog at the top of this page?


    Dear Nuno, what are (or is?) the needs of this world architecture-wise?

  • ag+

    It’s not conformist traditional architecture. It’s different, it’s specific, always was. That’s the reason why so many people dislike Hadids architecture. I though personally think she is pioneering future architecture. Most of you people are complaining because you don’t have the imaginative capacity to admire her forms, or are just plain jealous because you lack design talent, more importantly artistic yet logical qualities, and skills that move away from comformity. Hadid is paving another chapter in architectural movement and history. Human nature to be envious of someone who has more, in terms of success, wealth, social status etc.

  • he guys please growth up,, theres no bad or good in the architecture, but working or not working, for humanity, and activity

    zaha hadid,, i think she’s design is the best design from a lot of architects design,,
    she has a character that can take people to the many experience of room condition

    thats good zaha,, keep working, and imagine the many kind of architecture, design,,
    different people not mean they freak’s
    different architecture not mean that’s ugly

  • I think Zaha’s work has managed to surpase most of her architectural peers in such a short space of time that what peole are suffering from is overexposure to what has been an extremely productive period for her.

    This I would like to add follows on from many years of obscurity and many unbuilt projects that litter the early part of her career. Perhaps this is why Zaha has managed to refine her practice to a critical mass and has evolved her unique and timely approach.

    simply put, I like her work.

  • Why are people so keen to bully the best woman architect the world has seen in ages? I recently discover this blog and I say Marcus keep up the good work! Those who do not like it, please read other blogs. There are many.

  • LRS

    HI! I started to read this blog yesterday and… I can´t believe that there is so many people sending so badly formed critics about a single architects work.
    And that was not enought… they are now attacking a blog where we can find cool stuff, and nice texts about so many projects and works with the latest news!!!( keep the good work Marcus!)
    I came to a conclusion …

    All this “criticizers” are a group of frustrated people that for shore passes they’re days making square plans in autocad, trying to imitate great architects like Siza or Souto Moura, or even Tadao Ando, reaching to a cold, geometric, poetic but without acces for the ordinary public , and extremely selfish.

    Evolution request all kinds of experiments, that passes some times through tendences, but that doesn’t mean that the projects are no good or bad, mistakes are revealed and instead of sending rocks to brake the glass, contribution is maybe the best solution.

    And please ! stop being such a square mind, people don’t want to live in a box!

  • jemma

    Quit right!

  • Kay

    Can’t you guys be fair please?

    Why do you all guys think this is so ugly?

    I know these ‘all the same’ and ‘reputation’ stuffs, but it doesn’t seem fair enough to judge everything with them.

    I think she’s got the point at this time at least.

    This stuff seems to maintain some meaning regarding to those trees.(well, it’s not fresh tough)

  • mary jo altuna

    Love your site!!!!!!! keep the good work on !!!!