dezeen loves... Type the Sky

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dezeen loves... Type the Sky

Type the Sky by Lisa Rienermann is an alphabet formed of shapes buildings make against the sky when photographed from below. Update: this project is included in Dezeen Book of Ideas, which is on sale now for £12.


According to the original post on German typographic blog Slanted (we spotted it on designboom), the alphabet was created by Rienermann while studying at the University of Duisburg-Essen.


"It began with the Q," she tells Slanted. "I was in a kind of courtyard in Barcelona. I looked upward and saw houses, the blue sky and clouds. The more I looked, I saw that the houses formed a letter Q."


The following is translated from Slanted's original German: "She then set out to find more letterforms, spending weeks only looking upwards. The more difficult letters such as Q and K were the easiest to find, she says, but admits that PhotoShop helped here and there."


The alphabet was presented in a booklet contained in a box (we think, our German isn't so good).

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  • gualberto


  • eli

    simple! creative! amazing point of view! intelligent! i love it!

  • siniz

    b.e.a.tiful it is!

  • Smarty

    Beguiling, intelligent and very cute!

  • Jim

    That’s really interesting….

  • http://apartmenttherapy Cate in IL

    One of those things so simple, beautiful and clever that I am moved. I’d love to see it more often: framed in my home!

  • carol Florida

    I really like it! Great idea!

  • Giuseppe


  • larry seow

    wow great!!!

  • Tyran

    Wow that’s cool! What an awesome concept!

  • Maxine Hofman

    superlative wow!

  • LA

    photoshoped helped??? not that original then

  • EonS OneS

    A yes, continuing S. Johnson’s work. Nice!

  • dyswis

    feckin brilliant

  • http://nincs mate

    So, I love it, I would love to have it
    how can I get it?

    best reggards
    thxs, great!

  • mycheng13

    wow… i love it man.. it’s very poetic..
    love this kind of feeling..
    would it be possible to experience these at one time in a row?

    it’ll be super nice and EDUCATIVE!!

  • louise miller

    loved this. are you selling it? If so, where?

  • Lotta

    I really liked the idea, when I first saw it done by one of my colleges at uni in 2005…..

  • Lotta

    Okay, you never know who had the idea first – maybe even both at the same time…..its a really nice idea…..

  • wei koon

    simply awesome …..

  • Bianca

    It’s so good I wish I had thought of it myself.

  • Pete Serjeant

    Just BRILIANT!

  • Pete Serjeant

    Just BRILIANT! Encore…!

  • Clement de Bruin

    WOW! That is all I can say. This is why I love design.

  • Bruno Porto

    I saw it in Tupigrafia magazine #8!

  • Luis

    I really think the proyect is great, it opens the simple sense of one of the greatest puzzles in life; the sky !

  • Asubbian

    Amazingly creative!

  • Elena

    Oh my god!!!!… I’m so so…astonished and amazed and…Simply very creative… Congratulations!!!

  • Nidhal

    Quite perceptive. I like.

  • woojinlee

    I love your imagination..

  • Joseph

    I thought this was quite good until she admitted "that PhotoShop helped here and there." Then I decided it was pointless. Why bother using any real buildings at all? Just Photoshop the lot, innit?

  • aeroplano