Ethical Kitchen by Alexandra Sten Jørgensen



New Designers 07: The Ethical Kitchen is a project by Alexandra Sten Jørgensen, a recent graduate of the contemporary design course at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University in England.


The project consists of a kitchen that recycles water and food waste to nourish a living plant - if you don't recycle enough, the plant will wilt.


Below is some info from the designer:



By Alexandra Sten Jørgensen


Ethical living is the philosophy of making decisions for daily life which take into account ethics and moral values with regard to sustainability and environmentalism. Ethical living is still a personal choice.

Pay it back.

The project is based on the idea that in the near future, ethical living is no longer a life style we choose, but a life style we all will need to adjust to. The intention is to make ethical living functional and more attractive whilst providing an understanding of how nature and consumption are connected.

The kitchen island is a sink and a preparation surface where you prepare and compost food and recycle the packaging. The compost on one side feeds the growing plant on the other, which is watered by ‘grey water’ through a drip mechanism attached to the waste pipe. The life of the plant relies on how well you adapt to ethical living, and the aesthetics of the unit is therefore a unique reflection of our actions.

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  • Zender

    Boy this is dry……..

  • for me it is super cool

  • carol Florida

    I really like the concept!

  • natashashasha

    very wise!

  • Caya

    First off, this system assumes that the user will never allow meat, fish, or egg scraps into the compost system. Secondly, the compost appears to be open, with only a grate covering it. Doesn’t anyone realize how impractical that is? Only the most diligent composting practices would prevent it from becoming a festering, sodden mass of putridness, attracting fruit flies and who knows what other bugs. How unsanitary to have decomposing garbage only inches from where you are- not even covered up! Even little compost cans that go on the countertop are covered up. The description uses a lot of emotion-based Green rhetoric, but the whole thing is highly impractical. Besides, the very term “ethics” implies that there is a standard to judge from. Since there is no standard regarding recycling in the Bible or any other religious book, then the “standard” becomes whatever each person decides it will be. So, for people to become all judgmental about recycling and say it is “ethical”, it is a logical fallacy at best. Why should YOUR standard be better than any one else’s? What gives you the right to say it is “ethical” or “unethical”, regarding recycling? The facts of the matter are that only recycling aluminum works. All the rest of recycling is a huge failure- it actually HARMS the environment through the processes involved in gathering, trucking, and processing the waste. It creates meaningless, mindless, filthy jobs, and it is far cheaper to make new items that are recycled than to recycle them. There is more than enough landfills to deal with what we have- and in fact, landfills are scientifically managed so that in the end, they are covered over so that you never know they are there. It is no more “ethical” to recycle than it is to pick your nose- but it is STUPID.

    • Sasha C.

      Agree with Caya. Glad to see some readers with brains in the dezeen-sphere. Unlike jon and lucy, who have nothing constructive or critical to say, other than to hit someone below the belt. Classy people, these dezeen readers.

      I'm glad to see at least some people, like Caya, have the courage to honestly call out what is clearly greenwashing reportages of greenwashing design practices.

      And besides, since when is design busy peddling "ethics"? As the study of a branch of moral philosophy, that etches out what is good and evil – ? What is this, the design bible in the form of a kitchen?

  • jon and lucy

    Caya needs to get layed!

  • Antonio Sorbo

    i comopletely agree with Caya

  • Rich

    So cute!

  • Rich

    But some people just can’t tell concept from the final prototype.

  • Lindy

    Whether you recycle or not seems to be the next “do you smoke or not” way to judge our level of desirability in the opposite sex. The battle continues.