BaObab by Philippe Starck for Vitra



It's not strictly new - Vitra showed the prototype in Milan two years ago and went on sale earlier this year - but here's Philippe Starck's BaObab desk anyway.


Here's a bit of text from Vitra:


Philippe Starck, 2006


Function The BaObab desk, designed by Philippe Starck for Vitra, is ideal for computer-based and paper work. Constructed as a single piece, it is designed to include storage space and accommodate cables.


Form BaObab is a sculptural object. It’s warm colours are inviting and it’s organic form challenges the conventional world of right angles.

Character BaObab provides a refreshing approach to office furniture. It’s curved shape, created as a single piece, shields the user and provides a pleasant feeling of security.

Deployment Owing to its lack of right angles BaObab can be positioned freely. It is ideally suited to businesses, retail outlets and home offices, as well as to established organisations who wish to create a fresh image.

Myth For this table Philippe Starck was inspired by the monkeybread tree, also known as the baobab. The baobab tree is traditionally a place for meeting and communication. The shape of BaObab is based on the seed of the baobab tree.

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  • maboica

    Perhaps he got a little type-cast with his “Delano Hotel” pomo style (hence other designers work have flourished for good or bad; ie: Hayon, Studio Job).
    This is a very generic style and although he might want to enter the amorphous geometry market, this feels like a cheap Karim Rahid style plastic work.
    *I want to reiterate that I do like Stark’s work but this is not his strongest piece lets say.*

  • David

    Far better execution than any thing Karim Rashid would vomit out.

    Reminiscent of the 70’s boomerang desk.

    I love how Starck flips from style to style.

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