TransNeomatic by Campana Brothers



Here are some new photos of the TransNeomatic bowls designed by the Campana Brothers for Artecnica's Design With Conscience initiative.


We wrote about the bowls when they were launched in Milan back in April but, as dezeen reader Andrew points out, the original bowls look as if they're made of brand-new scooter tyres rather than recycled ones as we reported.


Artecnica have now clarified this point, saying: "The images on your website [back in April] were taken from the prototype, therefore the tires looks new. They were made by the designers and since it was difficult to obtain used tires in Brazil, the Campana Brothers had no choice but to make the prototype out of new tires."

The Design With Conscience project initiates collaborations between designers and artisans around the world. The TransNeomatic bowls will be made by traditional wickers weavers in Vietnam and will recycle used scooter tyres from the country's dumps.

The bowls will feature in Trash Luxe, the exhibition curated by dezeen editor Marcus Fairs that takes place at Liberty in London from 20-30 September.

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  • David

    Did they find these in the Favela or is it one of their college projects ?

  • David

    On a postive note I find their plastic chairs mixed with wicker much better looking than this and less like a “student” recycling project.

  • kaos

    I totally agree. Choice of elements too arbitrary. Admirable concept, rammed down your throat….. maybe that’s the point?

  • Daniel

    yeah RIGHT! “difficult to obtain used tires in Brazil”! That´s just nonsense.
    That´s like saying that in Brazil we don´t have cars or motorcycles.
    ps. I´m Brazilian.