Link by PearsonLloyd


Link by PearsonLloyd

Link is a new modular product designed by PearsonLloyd featuring units made of ARPRO expanded polypropylene that join together to create free-standing partitions and room dividers.


The product will be launched at the Tent London exhibition next week, when 1,000 of the modules will be given away.


Tent London takes place from 20-23 September at the Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, London.


Trade visitors can get free entry if they register online by 14 September.


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  • Funny – it’s a very similar design, although scaled up, as a toy from the 70s-80s that I used to build with at my grandmothers house. I think they were made of rigid foam. Wonder if that company still exists?

  • Zender

    Well… I do believe this works regarding walls and stuff, but that tent?! It is impossible for the roof to stand still there ;)

  • Vlado

    It’s nice, but I can’t imagine how can it works like on the first picture. Just like Zender said. Joints wouldn’t work (but nice reders:).

  • Timichango

    …impossible for the roof to stand… unless you employed a wonderful substance known widely as ‘glue’…

  • Zender

    Not even with glue mate…

  • Idiot

    What about poo mate?

  • david

    Formally speaking too heavy for my liking and reminscant of a plastic prison.

  • Ren

    Pull my leg’o’

  • Claustrophobic

    It would make me feel like I was breakable and had been packaged for transit.

  • Pushy Galore

    Why wouldn’t it work? If the joints are fairly tight when assembled, and the product is light enough, it should be able to support itself.

  • Jasespace

    Sky hooks!

  • paper

    Tight enough? I think they lock into a specific number of positions. That would work.

  • Elnaz

    i want more information about this……..