Camp Nou by Foster + Partners



FC Barcelona have unveiled the design of their new stadium by Foster + Partners.


Foster will remodel the famous Camp Nou stadium, increasing capacity by 10,000.


The design features an exterior decorated with multi-coloured, scale-like tiles.


Below is a description of the design from FC Barcelona; more information on their website:


Identity: The roof and the external façade

The architectural proposal described here places a strong emphasis on giving the stadium a vital and distinctive presence within the urban fabric it is situated.


The stadium will become well known not just for its distinctive appearance from within its seating bowl but also its dramatic new external architecture.

The design of the stadium’s exterior façade will allow for the stadium to transform itself between day and night and also between non-match days and match days.


The stadium’s volume is enveloped within a mosaic veil of coloured tiles. The tiles are a mixture of coloured polycarbonate panels and coloured glass panels. These give the stadium a distinctive outer skin which will make a visual matrix of colour, shade and reflections.

At night the stadium will be energized by lights built into the façade to become a beacon to attract fans and respond to the excitement of the match itself. This appearance can be expected to place the stadium as a “must-see” venue for both football fans and architecture admirers who visit the city of Barcelona. It should be expected that the external image of the stadium will become a recognized brand for FCB.

Side Enclosure

The mosaic screen wrapping around he sides of the stadium is composed of an array of coloured polycarbonate panel tiles which embody the colours of FC Barcelona. The panels are fixed to a diagrid cable net which is tensioned between the roof level above he seating bowl and the ground. The accumulated effect of the screen will provide rain protection to the naturally ventilated spaces within the stadium including the public concourse areas.


From outside the stadium the mosaic tiles will create a vibrant effect of colours and reflections. From inside the stadium the tiles will filter the different components of the club colours into the various internal spaces.

External Facade Animated Lighting Effect

Integrated within the coloured tiles of the side enclosure are special lighting elements which mean that the entire external façade can be used for animated lighting displays. The entire stadium enclosure will work as a giant screen which can project moving full-colour images to the stadium surround. Such images can range from low-key ambient displays to vibrant and more detailed displays on event-nights.

The roof

The roof over the stadium carries an extension of the stadium’s external mosaic over the stadium seating bowl. The colours of the Club will also be seen in the soffit of the roof. The density of the colours reduces towards the inside edge of the roof where it blends into the sky. The roof enclosure is a lightweight translucent enclosure composed of coloured polycarbonate panels fixed to the top surface of the cable net structure.


Visually, the roof provides an architecturally lightweight presence above to the stadium. The roof is supported by an efficient two-way pre-stressed cable net system spanning across the large dimensions of the Camp Nou’s seating bowl.


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  • dad

    It must be a joke!

    the most expensive joke in history, of course

  • Zender

    From the outside and very far away, I think this may look alright. Specially if we are on a plane 2 or 3 Kms from the stadium!

    But I’m affraid that if we are near the stadium this will look rubbish…

  • maboica

    Thanks guys. As a Catalan and FC BArcelona fan I didn’t want to sound negative about this but I do agree and it seems to be an overall feeling amongst fans . I rather leave it as is than have it look like a sunday market tent. Anyways, Sir Foster makes really impressive buildings so lets wait and see. Next week at the Colegi de Arquitectes we will be able to see all the entries. Looking forward to those for a nice comparison.

  • fvale

    it would be very interesting to see the other entries…

  • As a fan I’d rather a more solid line of design… Its surely will be interesting to see how these tiles finaly work, but it gives a sensation of ephemeral arquitecture, not sure if its the best feeling to get of a solid institution like FC Barcelona.

    Personaly prefer Valencia FC new stadium for 2009, Reid Fenwick design.

  • Martijn

    It looks like Norman went wild with Post-It pads.

  • Alan Guardiola McIntyre

    Not the best thing Sir Norm has ever done, looks a bit Lawrence-Llewellyn Bowen to me to be honest. The top of the new ‘bowl’ is predominantly yellow and red tiles, and from afar this will be the only colours you see – would Catalan’s be ok with the Spanish national flag colours being the focal point of their new look stadium?
    At night time games, especially champions league etc, the light show may change the entire appearance and it could be a spectacular sight – however for daylight hours im not so sure…
    (ps are they selling Ronaldinho to pay for all of this)?

  • 50 cent

    Thats a gay color scheme.


    the perfect vagina for Nouvel’s Phallum…even the colors match

  • roadkill

    this is as far removed as you can ever be from any cultural links with the city of Barcelona of the Catalan people in general…. a rubbish scheme with very little sign of inspiration.

    Lets hope the club never change their stripes…

  • Fitz

    Leave it alone, this is a fantastic scheme. The Spanish will love it.

  • niall

    brilliant plans, congrats to laporta and foster, cant wait till its built. mixing the barca and catalan colours is a great idea, inspired by who else but gaudi. perfect

  • roadkill

    Fitz… you don’t think much of Spanish people do you?

  • I think it looks like a lego structure but I still like it, the colours are great, very stylistic design work, Congrats.

  • Bernardo Motta

    THAT SHOULD BE A JOKE! Thats one of the ugliest projects i have ever seen. It`s not something related to football, but to a circus.

    Come on…

  • Miguel

    as Spanish, and Barcelona resident, and Barsa season membership, I can tell you all that is gonna be the most beautiful stadium in the world….. maybe in england you are not used to have big and nice stadiums, In spain we are and this one is gonna be the first of the new era!!!!!

    joke???? england stadium are a joke… who many people??20 000, 30 000 maximum??? maybe old trafford a little bite more… but you guys can not imagine what is to be in a full stadium with 100 000 people…..

    you are the joke!!!

  • Bernard Ennis

    Having recently visited the Camp Nou for the first time, I was hugely impressed by what exists already. However, I did think that the stadium’s capacity would benefit from having the magical figure of over 100,000 and also the atmosphere would be enhanced with the amplifying effect of a roof. The city of Barcelona is blessed with the architecture and design of Antoni Gaudi so it is very fitting to use his style as the theme for a redevelopment of the Camp Nou. The logical choice of colours from Barcelona FC and the Catalan flag make them an obvious choice. I think this design is bold, vibrant and colourful which typifies the essence of this great city and football club. I think its a winner.

  • Messi

    As a Barca fan I’m will be proud to see my team play in such a great stadium.
    And Motta, a circus is a perfect arena for FC Barca as they put on their show that is so much more than football.

    • Memo

      "And Motta, a circus is a perfect arena for FC Barca as they put on their show that is so much more than football. "

      gye it's great :)

  • Isaac Hunt

    Let the spanish have it. Keep the blooming eyesore out of the UK then ;-)

    What a piece of junk that someone somewhere will get paid millions to build.

    No doubt the designers are already laughing all the way to the bank (after looking at it that is).

  • It seems to be hitting the sweet spot with Barca fans and catalan public in general, so why being bitter about it if they’re willing to pay for it ?

  • Tiago de Paula

    I´m carioca from Rio dee Janeiro. I usually go to Maracanã stadium, up to now one of the biggest football stadium in the world. I´m sure when this new stadium is done i´ll go to Barceclona just to watch Barça playing on it. Just AMAZING!!!

  • jack Locke

    OMG wtf the stadium is huge as it is 104,000 is out of this world tht will hardly ever be full mayb for el classico. Old trafford when completely finished will only be 94,000. Barcelona have the best squad in the world n now the best stadium Laporta has transformed this club.

  • bolebole.arh

    Exelent architectural projetc! And this “Catalonia” colours…
    One word PERFECT. This will be the best theater for football!

  • Jon

    This looks absolutely awful – a cross between the tiles of a pub toilet wall, and an ashtray for gayers

  • kasorp

    Finally a great stadium by Foster after the hugely disappointing, totally old-fashioned Wembley Arena with its absolutely ridiculous arch.

  • Quintela

    This new stadium has much more to do with Barcelona than the present one, that i find really impersonal not to say unconceivably ugly. Foster’s project inherits Gaudi’s most easily appealing detail: the use of colored tiles; and continues what sure is one of Barcelona’s hallmarks: grandeure and daring.

  • alex jandriovski

    I think that the design looks wonderfull, its just all you jealous ppl in UK that u will never have a stadium like this the design is great the club is the best in the world… Look at Bayern Munichs stadium it changes colours when munich and 1860 play from blue 2 red i think it will be awesome 4 a great club like Barca so all u jealous ppl refrain from writing stupid comments cheers from Down Under

  • sean

    its beautiful…. but whats with this anti british sentiment though? the majority of our stadia are more modern with better facilities than spanish grounds. new wembley (shame about the team) is stunning as im sure anyone whos seen a match there will agree. thats not to say that this isnt amazing, a great addition to a great city :)

  • votre terrain a ete tres jolie

  • Bonne chance pour la nouvelle saison

  • Julio Picasso

    Is the sponsor going to be the “post it note pads” manufacturer?

  • A very nice article about the football club barcelona. I love this team!

  • I usually go to Maracanã stadium, up to now one of the biggest football stadium in the world. I´m sure when this new stadium is done i´ll go to Barceclona just to watch Barça playing on it.

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