Side Chair One and Two by Alexander Kneller



Designer Alexander Kneller presented these two chairs at the Tent London show over the weekend, during the London Design Festival.


Above: Side Chair Two (without upholstery). Below: Side Chair One


Update 28/09/07: Kneller has sent us a few more photos taken at his Tent London Show:





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  • Nice pieces of furniture

  • edward taylor

    I love this piece of furniture I can not understand why no one less has commented about it. I saw it at the Tent design festival in London. I was amazed by its pure and simple clean edge design, not to mention the funky way the draws close. I wish there was more information on this guy so I could find out what his influences are.

  • Diana

    Beautiful..and smart!

  • La simpleza del planteamiento conceptual, la expresion misma de las piezas y la imagen que proyectan, me dejaron boquiabierto, excelente pieza de mobiliario.

  • niiiiiiiiice ! who is the producer?

  • Cliff

    Alexander Kneller’s name is becoming very well known.
    He has a website