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Tubes and Tribe vases by Arik Levy

Arik Levy has designed two collections of vases for Bitossi, called Tubes (above) and Tribe (below).


The images and the following text are from Levy's brochure:




Tube collection, a series of geometric forms interacting with each other like a group of different personalities.


Each one has its own agenda, posture and energy. Each form was conceived to be a stand-alone piece but they can also go together as a group.


The different colours – monochromatic or mixed - textures and finishing enhance the notion of personality even more. A limited and numbered edition, whose unique anti-design will stand out on any surface.



A collection of vessels consisting of opposing and inverting angles and surfaces accentuating the notion of inner volume and absence.

The entire collection comes from the same form approach: therefore when the pieces are placed next to one another, we get a feeling of form in motion. The strong geometry and sharp angles come from the world of machined objects.

It was important for me to experiment these transitions and overlapping notions. The additional tubes are to deconstruct the overall shape and give the possibility to also use them as vases.