Moritz Waldemeyer puts laser beams in Hussein Chalayan dresses



Moritz Waldemeyer has sent us some photos he took at Hussein Chalayan's recent catwalk show in Paris, where the fashion designer showed dresses impregnated with servo-driven lasers that were engineered and programmed by Waldemeyer.


More images of the collection - called Readings - on Chalayan's website.


See a video interview with Chalayan explaining the dresses on


See Nick Knight's video of the collection, which includes images of the laser dresses (right at the end of the film), on SHOWstudio


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  • These are fantastic. It gives the sense of an old hoop dress cage.

  • F

    absolutely wonderful .
    Moritz is sooooo talented .
    more of his work please .

  • Var

    Goood! The talented is Hussein Chalayan. Don’t take things out of context please.

  • Gordon

    It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye!

  • Ren

    Looks like a game of “catwalk Quasar” !

  • F

    please – hussein chalayan has interesting concepts , but when it comes to fashion , let us be careful here in saying Chalayan is the talented one .
    Vionnet, Saint Laurent , Galliano ,Yamamoto ,yes , but Chalayan ?
    Waldemeyer makes it sexier.

  • Lambchop

    Chalayan the only one really exploiting technology though

  • F

    perhaps – but so what .

    the point of fashion – if there is any- is to make women look and feel fabulous , desirable , whatever you call it .

    if ” exploiting technology” was any bit interesting , don ‘ t you think that the most talented designers of the 2oth and 21st century would have done It ?
    I repeat : Moritz makes Chalayan sexier, luminous , that touch of magic that yould expect from a designer dress…

  • When it comes to Hussein’s shows, it’s really Hussein who deserves all the credit. It was him who had the vision for the mechanical dresses, the video dresses, the laser dresses. It’s a wonderful challenge though to help him turn these visions into reality.

  • ike

    Moritz is a magician. You want it – Moritz will get it.